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door bumper: Different models and their advantages  

Doors are among the most basic components in buildings. They provide privacy, separate different spaces, and serve as an essential design element. In order to ensure that doors work properly for years, look beautiful, and do not suffer damage, they must be protected from shocks and accidental slamming. Door bumpers are ideal for this purpose. In this article, you will learn which different door bumper models are available and what advantages they offer.

Door bumpers protect doors from damage. At the same time they protect hinges from wear. They can be used to prevent unwanted impacts on surrounding objects or walls as well as the sudden slamming of doors. They thus help to ensure that doors remain fully functional for a long time and do not suffer scratches or other damage.

Wall door bumper, apple green

Wall door bumper, aqua blue

Wall door bumper, ruby red

Doorstop on the floor

For door bumpers on the floor, there are two different variants. On one hand, there are stoppers that are firmly anchored in the floor. On the other hand, there are bumpers that you can simply put in front of the door when they are needed.

Firmly anchored in the floor, door stoppers have the advantage that they protect both the door and walls as well as other objects from damage. The bumpers are mounted in such a way that it is impossible for the door to touch surrounding surfaces. They thus provide reliable protection against damage. The opening angle of the door leaf can also be variably adjusted with door stops firmly anchored on the floor. This makes it possible to relieve the hinges. However, if underfloor heating is installed in the floor, it is not possible to drill the stopper into the floor.

In this case, you should opt for a different model. With their appearance in satin-finished stainless steel or polyamide, our door bumpers blend in with a wide variety of interior design concepts – whether in a heavily frequented office building or as protection in private housing.

They have a spring-loaded, black elastic bumper as well as a concealed screw connection and are also theft-protected.

Mobile door stops, on the other hand, can be used individually where there is a need. They are particularly useful when there is draft ventilation in summer and doors can be easily fixed with the weight. This prevents doors from slamming shut unintentionally. But also when the entrance doors of shops are to be kept open temporarily in order to welcome customers, the flexible stoppers are a suitable solution. The bumpers have the advantage that they can be placed elsewhere without any problems. Variants with a rubber coating on the underside of the damper also prevent slippage.

Door bumper  system 100

Door bumpers


Door bumper models that can be attached to the wall prevent damage there if the door slips out of your hand or is opened carelessly. The advantage of these variants is that they can be installed variably at the desired height. Depending on the thickness of the model, the distance between door and wall expands.

The HEWI wall door bumpers are characterized by their theft protection as well as their concealed screw connection. Choose from either round and angular versions in satin stainless steel or a round damper made of polyamide. All editions have a black elastic bumper that protects doors from impacts as well as different thicknesses of materials.

Wall door bumper system 100

Wall door bumper PURE WHITE


An uncomplicated and reliable way to protect a door from damage caused by collisions with other objects and walls are door dampers on the door. The stickers are installed directly on the door handle and thus cushion shocks. Because of their small size, they are hardly noticeable. If you also opt for a transparent variant, the bumper is even more inconspicuous. The advantage of this model is that the door can be opened with a maximum opening angle.

Door bumpers are indispensable

With a door bumper, you as the planner or architect of a building can easily help to ensure that doors in existing or new buildings are protected from damage and have a long service life. The wide range of different doorstop models offers different advantages. Whether on the floor or on the wall, our range of door bumpers will help you find the right option for your project.


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