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New Re seat family from HEWI made from high-quality recycled material

Interview with HEWI Product Manager Jens Götte

HEWI has added a new model variant to the seat family. The special feature of the Re seat family is the post-industrial recyclate (PIR) it is made of. Our product manager Jens Götte reveals more about this in an interview.

Jens Götte | HEWI Product Management

HEWI: Mr Götte, please start by telling us something about your function in connection with the development of the new Re seat family.

Jens Götte: With pleasure! I am a product manager at HEWI and the project manager responsible for the Re seat family. Together with the project team, which consists of colleagues from marketing, (material) development, construction, and purchasing, we brought the Re seat family to the market. The development process for the Re seat family was somewhat different than is usually the case with a new product development.

HEWI: That sounds very exciting. Why don’t you tell us more about it and especially about the idea behind the Re seat family?

Jens Götte: HEWI stands for products that correspond to universal design – with the highest quality standards. This means that the products are suitable for all people and are especially designed for longevity. We asked ourselves: Can we use the extra material generated in our production to produce an appealing product? Until now, it has been rather uncommon to upcycle material that accumulates in production and then use it in the visible surface. We also wanted to make sure that a product made from recycled material would meet the high quality standards that we and our customers demand of our products. We have achieved this goal with the post-industrial recyclate we use for the Re seat family. The stools are made of a material mixture of recycled polypropylene and recycled polyamide. The polyamide comes from HEWI production and the polypropylene from a regionally based company.


HEWI: Hence probably the name “Re-seat family”?

Jens Götte: That’s correct. “Re” is derived from Recycle. This is the main feature that sets the Re seat family apart. Because we use high-quality post-industrial recyclate, we dispense with intensive reprocessing processes and save a lot of energy. By purchasing raw materials and parts regionally, we strengthen regional supply chains and cooperate with local partners. Finally, this approach is a fundamental part of our sustainability strategy.

HEWI: What is special about the surface? And which colors are available?

Jens Götte: The special thing about it is that each stool is unique. This is because the two materials have different melting points. This creates a mottled structure on the surface during the injection molding process. The small splashes of color tell the color history of HEWI. That’s because all 16 colors from the HEWI polyamide range are used.

The surface is available in two new colors: Forest Green and Dark Granite Gray. Both shades are quite close to nature. While the Dark Granite Gray harmonizes quite well with other products from the HEWI portfolio and is rather reserved, Forest Green can be used to emphasize certain elements in the bathroom. For example, it goes particularly well with the HEWI favorite color Somber Sage Green from System 900. Although each product in the Re seat family is unique in itself, they still fit together perfectly when combined.

HEWI: What are the special features of the HEWI seat family?

Jens Götte: The base is an intricate round tube design made of metal and powder-coated in black. The seat and back surfaces as well as the armrests of the Re seat family are made of post-industrial recycled material. Incidentally, the stools of the Re seat family are in no way inferior to the other products in terms of hygiene. They are quite easy to clean, insensitive to cleaning agents, and have few joints because of the simple design.

Each stool in the HEWI seat family has its own special function. The small stool is perfect for narrow bathrooms and small showers because of its size. The shape of the frame makes it absolutely tip-proof. The stool with integrated recessed grips perfectly supports users when they are sitting down and standing up. The same applies to the stool with side support handles – the raised and ergonomically designed support handles give users the necessary safety in the bathroom. The bath chair (with or without armrests) has a towel rail on the back. This is also good for holding on to. For care staff, this device is also quite useful for moving the chair quickly from A to B. The large bath chair has a circumferential railing. The armrests of this model are ergonomically shaped. Users with a physical disability are able to feel their way around the railing to then sit down safely and comfortably on the chair.

HEWI: Thank you very much for your time and the interesting interview, Mr Götte.




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